Filip Nenadić

Filip Nenadić

University of Potsdam

This website is devoted to completed scientific projects I have worked on. They are separated by topic and briefly described, but please note that this description does not serve to replace the actual publication. I would also be happy to receive your e-mail asking for additional information.


  • Spoken word recognition and production
  • Literary reading
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Individual differences


  • PhD in Linguistics, 2020

    University of Alberta

  • MA in Comparative Literature, 2015

    University of Novi Sad

  • MA in Psychology, 2014

    University of Novi Sad



Many speech analyses

Researchers investigating complex phenomena have to make choices, and those choices can affect their conclusions

Environmental awareness among Serbian ten-year-olds

It mostly depends on their individual characteristics and home environment, not their school

Semantic richness effects in isolated spoken word recognition

Word characteristics related to their meaning have a (humble) effect on their recognition even without context

Massive Auditory Lexical Decision database

A very large auditory lexical decision study; lots of stimuli, lots of listeners

Simulating auditory lexical decision using DIANA

DIANA uses actual sound input and provides RT estimates, but the current way of calculating added time to decide between word candidates does not match behavioral data

Relative entropy in spoken Romanian verbs

Verbs with a more prototypical frequency distribution of their inflected forms are processed faster

Perception of vowels with missing formants

Using more realistic synthetic vowels shows just how important formants are for vowel pereception

Types of personality based on the Big Five

There are three types of people (and you, because you are special)

Text layout and genre decision

Non-experts are firmer about the prose vs. poetry distinction based on text layout than experts

Individual differences in receptiveness to literature

Receptiveness to literature has little to do with literary expertise

Subjective experience of poetry

Experts have a more complex experience of poetry than non-experts

A corpus study of differences between prose poems and short stories

Wilde’s prose poems are more similar to his short stories than to Stein’s prose poems